Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A Must Read -

"The TBR 2011 Manifesto"

Will this run be easy? In 3 words: Up to you. This blog explains everything we’re doing in great detail, but we are also very adamant in stating that you be self-reliant on this run. How you might ask? Plan ahead. Please DO NOT expect others to do the thinking for you.

Now, we won’t be totally without assistance if something does goes wrong, we will have a pair of chase trucks with trailers (WE Think..Still Finalizing or if you what to pitch in?) along with many cool cats who will chip in and help a brother out.  But again, we don’t want to hear you can’t change out your spark plug because you didn’t bring your socket wrench.....

Plan Ahead, be Self Reliant.

What kinds of bikes are allowed? The Tar Bull Run is open to anyone on any bike. Our personal tastes run toward the kind of bikes and people who frequent Chopcult.com and/or JockeyJournal.com, This means custom motorcycles influenced by the style of the 40’s to the 70’s. That being said, guys on Ducks, Jap sport bikes, full dressers are absolutely cool. If you have a 50-grand Big Dog, you may feel out of place. If you ride a shitty old Iron head that blows up between Key largo and Marathon, you will fit right in. But again, make sure you or your buddies have the tools. Plan Ahead and be self reliant.


- SOUTH FLORIDA RIDERS - Meet at 9AM at CAFÉ 27 just North of Griffin Rd on US 27. If you want to ride out with us, just meet us there. About 85 miles.
- ALL OTHER RIDERS - We’ll all meet up at Trail Lakes Campground - More info here - http://www.skunkape.info/. $10 bucks a head to camp.

- First come first serve on the camping, The Gladezmen will play at some point in the evening. And we'll party on from there... ONe thing..no burnouts or just plain being a dick.  These are friends of friends and they've asked to respect the area.  Seeing the great group of people we had last year i don't forsee a problem. Just don't be "THAT" dick that ruins it for all of us...

- 10AM KICKSTANDS UP then it’s roughly a 80 mile ride over Old 41 to Homestead, then South on Card Sound Road we're we'll stop for lunch at Alabama Jacks.

- Then, jam on Down to KEY WEST! - 130 or so miles.

- We're staying at the Days INN, right when you get into Key West, as stated above you can stay where you want. Book early! (Seeing about a group rate)

Days Inn Key West

3852 N. Roosevelt Blvd
US-1 And Roosevelt
Key West, FL 33040 US

- We'll meet in the Parking lot at a determined time and do all the swag giveaways



What about idiots?
Nobody more than me, and those who have helped to organize this ride, wants to have a great time. With that said, we have a long and excellent ride Saturday and NEED to leave early to enjoy it. If you decide to sleep in, you’ll have a map so you’ll know where to meet up with us (or not, again up to you). Depending on the size of the group we may split up the chase trucks cover two groups if we don’t all stay together (But not hanging out at the camp waiting for others to get up).

How much is it going to cost? That depends on you. We aren’t charging for shit. Camping is $10 a head.  There'll be KICK ASS MUSIC FOR SURE  Food/booze is on you (There's a concession stand on site/grocery stores down the road). Both nights we’ll go to some places to eat and whatever, but feel free to pack whatever you want. We’re not doing BBQ’s and making pigs in a blanket.

How many people are going? Don’t know 10? 20? Last year we had about 30.  From what I've heard seems we will have a sizable group this year.

I’ve never done this type of ride before?—what should I expect? Skunk Apes! As well as, hours in the saddle and make some new friends. And riding through the Keys!

Our advice:
Be Prepared. Physical preparedness means having everything you need to sustain yourself for the entire trip. Though there will be several gas stops/mini marts along the way (Our Gas Stops), I would carry some type water at least, just in case you get stranded somewhere and TOOLS.

Here’s a minimum list of things you should pack for the ride:
- PRINT OUT A COPY OF THE MAP (a more updated and much better map to COME)
- Tool kit
- Spare bike parts (plugs, cables, inner tubes or patch kit, etc.)- Depends on how old your scoot is.
- A tent/tarp and some type of bedding – we are CAMPING by the way.
- Bath essentials
- Clothing. (Check the weather before we head out)
- Flip-flops or shower shoes (public showers/ Turkish bath house)
- Cash.
- Camera
- Cell phone

Finally…. This is a “loose” schedule, were not tour guides, we just want to get a bunch of like minded people together for a kick ass ride and drink, eat and make some new friends along the way. Just remind yourself that you’re on a different time schedule.


If you've still got more questions, feel free to email me (bhead1968@yahoo.com) and ask away.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Got the ITCH...

Sometimes you gotta plant the "flag" and say mission accomplished.  I rebuilt my trump twice, first time I got the bike together was over a span of 4 years, slapped a used ebay motor in and ran it for 1000 miles till she threw a rod.  Then rebuilt the engine myself (Thanks loyd for some of the help and the tools!) put about 100 miles then did 600 to Boston mikes gig for a shakedown run.  She ran like a top (aside from some BS stator issues)...and like a sewing machine.  Mission Accomplished. Period.   Bike's going nowhere, just time to build something I've wanted to build for a while..a Shovel.  More to come... still need a few parts, see my mock up below.