Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting the Trump ready...little by little..

Actually, my rear fender fell off during a local ride, nothing major.  So I got with a buddy mine to help me bring it up (Thanks Squirrel) to another friend Leslie (He has the blue shovel on this page) who has a welder and has much better tools, and we all got into it and fixed it. SO THE MORAL OF THIS STORY??..GET YOUR SHIT READY NOW SO YOU DON'T GET LEFT OUT!  Once again SCROLL DOWN BELOW AND READ THE MANIFESTO... More updates on the ride to come.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lauderdale to Smoking Joes - First Leg Pre-Run for the TBR2010

Well got some cats together this past Sunday and ran the first leg of the TBR up to Smoking Joes BBQ.  Good long stretches and a bit of cool old country scenery in between. Some exotic roadkill you dont normally see (Gators and Deer).  Round trip we clocked over 400 miles and it was a blast.  I didn't see anything I would change on the route so from my end were good to go! Claude (Boondocker) has been running the northern part and has come across some unreal scenic roads ...he'll be posting up his report soon.  We got guys welding up trophies, painting up lids, a band coming.... wasn't expecting all the positive vibes on this.  We just wanted to get some peeps together for a real FLORIDA run, and some REAL cats have come forward to make this one helluva time for all.  Big thanks.  Its growing and it'll be one to remember..stay tuned.  Some pics below of my ride, along with Shanes/Jamensons Shop (the Hate Factory, Taken by Claude) where we will be stopping on the second leg of the Friday trip before the debauchery begins. Hmmm..pre-debauchery par-tay??
Plenty of parking right out front...the BEST RIBS!